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M'Mates Rates


$30 per hour

1 x 2 Post - 3 tonne

1 x 2 Post - 3 tonne (for low cars - 50mm Clearance) 

Hire of all hoists include 200pc Kingchrome toolbox and work bench

If you need parts M'Mates has  established accounts with Repco, Napa, Veales and Bursons who will deliver at set times weekdays. We can order the parts at a discounted rate, get them dispatched to either your place or M'Mates Place and charged to your credit card.


$330 for 4 hours. $440 for 8 hours

Then $55 per hour over your allocated booking time.


Advice provided at no cost, hand on assistance $100 per hour


$5 pr tyre DIY, $10 per tyre DIFY

$10 per balance inclusive of weights used

$5 Disposal Passenger Tyre $10 Disposal 4WD tyre



*Work area is to be cleaned and tools packed up or an $80.00 charge will apply. 

Hire is charged from the booked time until satisfactory clean-up is complete. 


Breakages are to be replaced at cost.*

Contact us to book! 
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